Use Media Keys to control Tomahawk in Awesome WM

29 January 2013

Nowadays for controling a mediaplayer the MPRIS specification exists, sadly this interface seems unsupported by awesome. One solution would be to add some lines to the configuration of xbindkeys and to start it in the background. But as awesome already can handle global keybindings adding these lines to your .config/awesome/rc.lua will transmit the actions of the media keys to Tomahawk (they will work with every MPRIS2-compatible media, you just need to replace “tomahawk” with the matching name).

tomahawk-0.6.0beta1 added to Gentoo Overlay

10 January 2013

Yesterday was the release of the first beta for Tomahawk 0.6.0. Tomahawk is a music player which decouples the name of the song from the source it is streamed from. Using the Playdar API it resolves the location from where to stream using all of your available sources.

Songride Beta available for testing

07 January 2013

About 3 years ago I made a little mashup using Ruby, Google Charts API and the API and a bit of magic that listed you from where your favorite artist were coming from. As an example this was the chart output for my favorite artists:

spotify- added to Gentoo Overlay

06 January 2013

Some weeks ago Spotify released a preview of their new discovery features and gave some people the option to test it on Windows or Mac. Last Thursday they released their discovery features for the linux version.

redis and hiredis added to Gentoo Overlay

23 December 2012

While I was writing some more code for songride I felt that I should have the latest redis version installed. After running emerge '>=dev-db/redis-2.4.17' I was confronted with the following error message:

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